Other Products

Other Products


Redwater diverter

While you wait for the hot water tap to “get hot” you can save the cold water by diverting it to your Jo Jo tank or swimming pool using a Red Water Diverter. The Diverter automatically sends the cold water elsewhere and quickly switches over to your tap once the water is hot. This saves litres and litres of water especially at taps that are located at a distance from your geyser.



Syclone geyser

A fantastic geyser to use in your outbuilding or guest room. The Syclone geyser only heats when in use as opposed to a regular geyser that continually maintains a reservoir of hot water. This way you can save costs on electricity.


Gutter mesh

Reduce time spent on cleaning out gutters and maximise water delivery and quality to your Jo Jo tank by placing gutter mesh in your gutters.

                                  BEFORE                                                                           AFTER       


Jo Jo Tanks

JO JO tanks no longer have to be installed next to your house, they can be hidden.


The water level guage: The simplest way to read your water tanks water level, exclusive to us!

Jo Jo tank sieve: Effectively captures all large debris travelling down the cutter to your Jo Jo and prevents contamination of your water with leaves etc.



Go Green Plumbing can supply you with a pump suited to your individual requirements. Great for increasing pressure to your house if your geyser is gravity fed or for feeding harvested water to your house or garden.



The RainTap

Exclusive to Will Forsyth Plumbing, you can now install your own water harvesting system with this simple “plug in and use” Rain Tap. No tools are required and the unit is portable for use on multiple Jo Jo tanks.