Heat Pumps/Geysers

Heat Pumps


Go Green and save Electricity! 

Cut your water heating costs up to 67% with a Heat Pump


What is a Heat Pump?

It looks just like an air conditioner and replaces your existing electric geyser to heat water at a third of the running cost.


*Your existing geyser acts only as a hot water storage tank for the Kwikpump*


How does a Heat Pump work?

The simplest example of how a heat pump works without getting to technical

is to compare it with that of a bicycle pump.


1. The Pump extracts air from outside

2. The pump then compresses the air

3. After a while you will notice the pump starts to get extremely hot, This heat generated from the pump will then be transferred to heat water to your house


The principle of a Heat Pump is to absorb heat from outside air, then to transport and release it into water to make hot water.

1. The refrigerant in system extracts free heat energy from outside air through fin-coil evaporator.

2. The refrigerant is compressed to a high-temp and high-pressure gas by compressor.

3. Heat energy transferred to water through tube-in-shell heat exchanger.

4. The refrigerant in system restores to low-energy condition

5. The cycle is repeated.


How can Heat Pumps save you money?

S Where your electric geyser needs 3 units of electrical energy to produce  3 units of heat energy a Heat Pump requires only 1 unit of electrical energy to produce 3 units of heat energy, saving you 67%

S Eskom are giving Rebates of between R3668-R4320 depending on the heat pump size

S Come rain or shine, night or day, the heat pump continually saves you money


Is the unit noisy?

In terms of noise, the data I have is between 58 and 65 dB. That is just above the threshold of hearing at 50Hz, so Heat Pumps are extremely quiet.


Will the Heat Pump still work in the cold?

Temperatures that feel very cold to us are still more than enough to make the refrigerant "boil". The air that has been drawn into the system, which is far warmer than the refrigerant, turns the refrigerant from a liquid into a gas inside the heat pump's piping.


Other benefits of the Heat Pump

S Helping the environment. Reduces CO2 emissions

S Easy to install

S Heat Pumps run automatically. You are also able to set a timer to make further savings

S Heat Pumps use reliable components such as the Panasonic compressor

S As the Heat Pump pumps hot water to your existing geyser to store the hot water generated at a maximum of 60 degrees it could extend the life of your geyser.

S According to Eskom 40% of your monthly electricity bill is from your geyser, a Heat Pump will reduce your existing geyser costs by a massive 67%


The Eskom Heat Pump rebate program will end in March 2013. So get your Heat Pump now and start making savings!

Make sure installers are Plumbers and Certified Heat Pump Installers.

Installing an Aircon and a Heat Pump are not the same. If in doubt ask to see the plumbers Certificate and registration number obtained by Kwikot Geysers.

Will Forsyth Plumbing are registered Heat Pump Installers. Should you have questions on the Heat Pump program, feel free to contact us.

Graphs supplied by Dr. Riaan Rankin & Dr. Martin van Eldik research

ESKOM rebates fall into two categories depending on the size of Heat Pump purchased:

Till March 2013

Heat Pump tank size

Rebate is offered as follows:

301 – 500 litres


100 – 300 litres

R 3,668