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Jo Jo Tanks, Pressure Pumps and Rain Water Harvesting


Rain water is a free resource why not store It?


Over the past few years we have become aware of the increasing demand for Jo Jo tanks by our customers, whether it be to supply water to their gardens, domestic water back up solutions and more commercially in harvesting rainwater to fill cisterns and urinals.


Will Forsyth plumbing has installed many Jo Jo tanks for Rain Water harvesting and water storage solutions for poor water pressure regions and for municipal water cuts common to the midlands.


Less than 3% of the planet’s water is fresh and drinkable - more than 97% is salty. Therefore, no matter which part of the world we live in, we have to take
water conservation seriously particularly as the population is exploding whilst the amount of water available remains constant.

12th September 2011

Public Notice in The Witness notifying people in the area of the Msunduzi Municipality area:

“The current average daily water demand in the municipal area is exceeding the current available sustainable supply”



Will Forsyth Pluming have three options available for residential use:


Eco-Start Up

Which is the easiest way to start harvesting water at home.  The Jo Jo tank has a tap attached for filling buckets or watering cans.  This can be used to fill pools or water gardens but is dependant on gravity.

Price and options include:

750l  Slimline Jo Jo Tank


Gutter fittings/Tap Connection & labour



This option has a larger tank and pressure pump which can be used to water gardens, fill swimming pools and wash cars. This is also easily upgradeable to the Eco Mediate.

Price and options include:

2200l Jo Jo Tank (slimline tank options available) 

Pedrollo Pump

Plumbing, Jo Jo Tank & Gutter fittings




This option is piped into your main house water supply.  You have the option of either utilising the municipality feed or rain water that will be collected.

This fully comprehensive system can be used for filling toilet cisterns, showering, washing and dishwashing machines, filling pools, watering gardens etc.

Price and options include:

2200l Jo Jo Tank (slimline option also available)

Larger Pedrollo Pump & controller (only operates when taps are turned on)

Plumbing, Jo Jo Tank & Gutter fittings

Filter & cartridges



Optional extras include, Jo Jo Strainer, Electrician to install fixed plug point, municipal water fed to designated taps for drinking

Pump cover, water level gauges, municipality top up, first-flush diverters & filters.